Gynecomastia surgery with Dr Arash Izadpanah can help you achieve a more masculine physique with a flatter, firmer chest contour. Gain confidence with your new look.

Gynecomastia Surgery

(male breast reduction)

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Interested in gynecomastia surgery?

Why have a male breast reduction?

Genetics, certain medications, obesity, hormones or excess breast tissue for unknown reasons despite weight loss can all cause enlarged breasts in males. This condition is quite common in men of all ages and can cause significant emotional distress and impact self confidence. Gynecomastia surgery can address these issues and help men at any age.

Does this sound like you?

•You have excess fat or glandular tissue in the chest area.

•You have excess breast skin, possibly due to massive weight loss.

•Excess fat or tissue is one-sided, causing asymmetry.

You are self-conscience about the appearance of your chest.

You avoid certain activities for fear of showing your chest.

What is gynecomastia surgery?

Different approaches to treating gynecomastia

Dr Izadpanah will discuss the different ways to treat gynecomastia and what the best option is for you.

Liposuction Technique

If the gynecomastia is primarily due to excess fat, then liposuction alone can be used as treatment. A liposuction cannula (hollow tube) will be used to loosen fat and then vacuumed through several small incisions. The incisions and procedure will be determined during your consultation with Dr Izadpanah.

Excision Technique

Dr Izadpanah may recommend the excision technique in cases where excess skin and/or enlarged mammary glands are present, and not simply excess fat.

Combination of liposuction and excision

In some cases, a combination of both techniques may be used. Dr Izadpanah will assess your individual case to determine the best plan of action.

Are you a candidate for gynecomastia surgery?

Key factors to take into account when considering male breast reduction

Not sure if you are a good candidate for a gynecomastia surgery? Dr Izadpanah and his team are happy to answer any questions you may have and will guide you in the process, but in general, the best candidates are men who:

•Are physically healthy, and at a normal and stable weight.

•Nonsmokers (smoking increases the chance of complications).

•Have realistic expectations about what can be achieved (discuss this with Dr Izadpanah)

•Have male breasts that they feel are too large.

•Have been unable to correct or treat their gynecomastia with alternative options.

Gynecomastia surgery with Dr Arash Izadpanah

What to expect when having gynecomastia surgery with Dr Izadpanah

Prior to booking your gynecomastia surgery with Dr Izadpanah, you will have a consultation with him at the location that is most convenient to you (please contact his office to find out where).

If you are unable to meet Dr Izadpanah in person, you may request a Skype or Facetime consultation.

Dr Izadpanah will collaborate closely with you to determine the best approach to treat your gynecomastia. You will go over the risks together, as well as what your desired result is. It is extremely important to Dr Izadpanah that you make informed choices, and that you are on the same page regarding outcome expectations.

You are encouraged to bring in photos of what you are expecting so that it can be discussed, as well as a list of questions and/or concerns to your appointment.



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